The vehicle, whose special devices primarily include the lifting device and the cage, is mainly used for working at heights such as electrical installation and maintenance. With a skirt plate structure, the side guarding device is welded to the sub frame, made of Q235A steel plate, and 540 mm above from the ground. The rear lower guarding device is made of Q235A cross bars.
Operating line voltage 35KV
Working cage rated load 272
Withstand voltage of the work cage 20
Withstand voltage of the cage linings 50
Dimensions of the work cage (Length×Width×Height) Length 1220; width 670; height 1070
Swing angle of the work cage 180 (90 leftward and rightward respectively)
Maximum operation height 17.6
Maximum work range of the work cage (radius) 11.3
Maximum lifting quality 454
Vertical lifting range of the work cage 0-0.5
Effective insulation length of the upper boom 3.0
Effective insulation length of the lower boom 0.61
Maximum lifting height 16.9
Withstand voltage value of the small boom 35
Lifting angle range -25°~+80°
Rotation angle 360° rotating continuously
Rotation speed ≥0.5
Type of the boom frame Folding plus telescopic type
Material of boom F.R.P insulating material
Withstand voltage value of the boom frame 105
Operating system Two and more sets of operating system for cages and turrets
Hydraulic system The booms and outrigger cylinders are equipped with balance valves and hydraulic locks to ensure (even if the tubing breaks) the security of the system and the use of imported hydraulic oil.
Power system for emergency Electric pump for emergency
Operation modes (multi-function single-handle operation, single-function multi-handle operation) Multi-function single-handle operation
Operation transmitting modes (electromagnetic type, hydraulic type) Operation transmitting mode (hydraulic type)
Leakage current amount of the entire vehicle ≤0.5 mA
Total weight of the upper loading ≥3500Kg
The upper part with hydraulic tool interface The upper part with hydraulic tool interface
3/8 inch quick connector
Leveling methods of the work cage (hydraulic, mechanical, gravitational) Hydraulic pressure leveling