This vehicle adopts the JAC pick-up chassis and optionally the original imported upper device from the DONGHAE. It runs conveniently and flexibly. It can be used for daily live maintenance and emergency repair of 380V distribution line. It can also be used in municipal, garden, post and telecommunications, mobile communication and other general aerial work.
1.Excellent pickup chassis
2.Advancer hybrid arm struct
3.Insulating working cage
4.DC power supply
Vehicle model QJM5031JGK
Upper device brand Korea DONGHAE
Upper device model DHAS120AP
Arm support structure Mixing type
Max working height 12m
Max working radius 5m
Rotation angle 330°Discontinuous rotation
External cage side test voltage 50kV/40mm
 Interior cage Interlayer power frequency withstand voltage 50kV/3min
Insulation grade 380V
Working cage rated load (single person cage) 100kg
Leg type Front A, rear H type
Selected chassis HFC1037DEV(Pickup truck)
Engine power 108kW(State V)
Vehicle shape dimensions 5680*1955*2350
Technical characteristics Horizontal sensor, overload sensor, emergency stop device, angle interference sensor, supporting leg sensor,interlocking device, manual assistance emergency system, etc.
Optional distribution Side toolbox can be installed according to user’s requirements